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Project Description

OptionSet Batch Manager v.1.0 is a tool to help to manage OptionSet. Especially before deploying/importing customized CRM 2011 instance to the new environment. Sometime the custom OptionSets were not well defined; Improper order and/or jumping value number. This tool suites for this kind of task for cleaning up the OptionSets. Though resetting the OptionSet value must not be done if there is any record referenced to the OptionSet value since the reference between entity data record and OptionSet item is tied by OptionSet's value.


With this version it can do following:
  • Reorder individual OptionSet with Name
  • Reorder individual OptionSet with Value
  • Batch reorder multiple OptionSets with Name
  • Batch reorder multiple OptionSets with Value
  • Reset individual OptionSet's value number
  • Batch Reset multiple OptionSets' value number


System Requirements

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